I absolutely adore reading books about writing. Whether it's a strict system for plotting, motivational encouragement for pantsing, or something in between. Every method works for many, and falls short for many. I soak up the information, and I add it to my toolbox to pull out as needed. Books on editing, marketing, cover design... all are valuable.

    As a writer, the most important thing you need to do is write. A very close second to that, is reading. Read your genre, read genres you've never considered reading, and read books on craft. Read bestsellers, and read the titles at the bottom of the list. Just read. Little by little, you will hone your own style and your own voice. 

    Below are some books I've read and enjoyed, as well as books recommended by fellow writers. I considered making this list only books that I personally think are helpful, but that would be unfair to you. Methods and ideas that seem wrong for one writer can be just the trick another writer needs! 


    None of these books will write your book for you, but they will all add something to your writerly toolbox. And please, take advantage of the free preview option, so you don't invest your money into a book that's not for you!