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Happy Launchday-Eve!

It's the eve of launch day for my newest story, Whisper in the Dark! I'm so happy to finally be sharing this book! The feedback from my beta readers was very encouraging, and the reviews are starting to come in from ARC readers!

Check out why advance readers are loving this story on my Goodreads author page :)

This story is different from my Wings trilogy, mainly in regards to it's target audience. Whisper is intended for an adult reader, who doesn't mind some harsh language, violence, and smokin' hot sexy times!

Here's a quote from one of my Beta readers that sums it up quite nicely:


"If you thought that sex between a shifter and a human/terran could not lend give you some spicy images that you can use to add spice to your own romantic life, or at the very least your dreams then you haven't ever read the writings of Charlene Perry."

-Beta reader and Goodreads reviewer, full review with spoilers here.


If your looking for some fast-paced daydream fuel, check out Whisper and let me know what you liked, what drove you crazy, and who you're looking forward to getting to know a little better in book 2 :)

Sweet Dreams!

Charlene Perry

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