• Charlene Perry

How Much Does it Cost to Write a Book?

I'm going to give away the punch line right off the bat... it costs nothing to write a book. Nothing. You only need a pen and paper. If you happen to have a typewriter, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone laying around... even better!

All the stuff that comes after you write the book... don't think about that yet. Please? Just write. Write for the love of it, or the peace it brings you. Write for the purpose of writing.

When your story, your book, is done, then we can talk about the cost. There are so many options out there today, it's amazing and a little overwhelming. But, spoiler alert, you can publish your book with absolutely zero money spent. I promise.

Sure, you can make it 'better' with some funds to back it. But you CAN publish for free.

And you can most definitely write your book for free. How? Just write.

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