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How to Write

That's a bit of a presumptuous title, considering writing is such a personal experience. What works for one person may not work for another. Not to mention... okay, there's a lot to mention! But let me explain...

As a writer, and a new author, I am always striving to learn more about the craft. There is so much to learn, and I hope I never stop soaking it all up. Sometimes, what I learn strikes me as quite profound. Sometimes, it just clicks at the right moment. Sometimes, I even have a moment of clarity all on my own. I'd like to share some of those insights... as long as you keep in mind that I don't assume what works for me will work for anyone else. Deal? Great!

The trick to writing is simply to write. Stop thinking, stop planning, stop trying to form the perfect words. Put pen to paper or fingers to keys, and let go.

Don't hesitate, don't second guess yourself. Just write.

Tomorrow, you can look back over your words, with fresh eyes and a clear head. You may scrap it, maybe make some changes, but often you will find that it's better than you expected!

You can find a flow when you keep moving forward, ignoring your inner critic. In that flow, you can hear your voice, your unique style. Those things can get lost when you try to make sure each word is perfect.

It's a concept that took me too long to grasp. So much time spent trying to create the perfect scene, getting the words just right only to find I had lost the energy and the feeling behind the story. It's still a compulsion I struggle with, to backtrack and fix and smooth things out as I go. I'm doing it even as I write this!

It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be honest and real.

So just write.

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