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The Edge of a Dream

I am a writer... not an author. I am a writer... because I write. I wake up in the morning, eager to get at my keyboard and type. I sneak in moments throughout the day and look forward to the quiet of the evening when I can relax with a notebook and pen. When I'm not writing, I'm thinking about my world, my characters... imagining where they are and what they are doing. Setting up the scene and watching them move through it as if they are independent of my will.

I have written my first book, the first of many ideas that are begging to get out of my head and onto the page. But now there is work to do. I must edit, design a cover, format, write a pitch, set up my accounts... all those tedious yet necessary things that an indie author and self-publisher needs to learn. But I am on the edge...

Any day now, my to-do list will be complete and I will hit that hallelujah button... PUBLISH! Then the dream will be realised. I will still be a writer, always a writer... but I will also be an author. Maybe it counts now... after all, I have written the book... but I won't claim that title until I push that button.

I am on the edge of a dream. As I sit and write this, wondering if anyone will ever care to read it...

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