Whisper in the Dark

Shifters of Morwood #1


She’s a lethal Agent. He’s her loyal Shifter. When cruel betrayal forces him into human form, can she deny her forbidden desire?


My name is Whisper. I’m an Agent.

That might not mean anything to you, but trust me, it’s a big deal. I’m the first woman who’s ever made it through the Academy. If you think for a second that it’s because they went easy on me, think again. I challenged their testosterone-fueled system, and I sure as hell didn’t make any friends in the process. 

Okay, maybe one friend; my partner.  My Shifter.  Damon’s the only man I need. At least, he would be if he could shift into a human body, not just his four-legged forms. I still have use for the two-legged variety now and then, I suppose.

When everything I’ve worked for is within my reach, it all starts falling apart. Damon does the impossible. He takes human form to save my life.

That should be the end of our story, but it turns out it’s just the beginning.



I was created for one purpose; to serve my Agent. I’ve never questioned my life, or my loyalty to Whisper. Condemning myself to insanity or execution in exchange for saving her life? It’s not even a choice. 

But this human body… if it’s so unnatural, why does it feel like I’m myself for the first time? And Whisper… she’s mine. She’s always been mine. But now I see her in a new light, and I need her to know that this is who I really am. 

I’m more than just her Shifter. I can be more than just her partner. This connection, this intensity when we touch… it can’t be wrong. We were meant for each other.


Can Whisper and Damon embrace their shifting reality, or will they be broken by forbidden temptations?

***This story is intended for adult readers.***

It includes explicit sexual encounters, violence,

mature language and themes.

Reader discretion is advised.​

Hope in the Moonlight

Shifters of Morwood #2


She’s a symbol of hope to her people. He’s an accomplished Elite. When darkness threatens those she loves, can she find a new future in his arms?

My name is Hope.

I’m the first natural-born Shifter; proof that my people can live and love, free of human control. The Meadow is my home. Keeping it safe is all that matters. I’d do anything for my people, even if that means taking a mate I didn’t choose. If it’s best for the Meadow, how could I refuse?

But there’s something they don’t know. A darkness crawls beneath my skin. I can’t let them see it. I can’t let it hurt the people I love. What if the best thing for the Meadow is for me to leave? 

Gideon can help me find a safe place to stay until I figure things out. It doesn’t matter that I can’t take my eyes off him. It doesn’t matter that he kisses like a daydream come to life. He’s a human, and I’m a Shifter… but I’m starting to forget why that matters. 

I can see he has dark secrets of his own, and maybe I’m the one who can heal him. 


I’m one of the top Elites, patrolling the skies on the back of my dragon Shifter. At least I was, until loss left me broken and my Shifter defected to join his own kind. 

Balancing my career with the need to protect those who deserve my loyalty isn’t easy, and it’s nearly impossible when the dangerously tempting Hope becomes my responsibility. The sins of my past have left me with wounds that may never heal, but she makes me feel alive again. 

Hope needs me. Her people need me. Finding a peaceful balance may never be possible, but I could be the only person capable of tipping the scales for good. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means I’m not here to see how it ends. 



Can Hope and Gideon survive the darkness that haunts them, or will they sacrifice their newfound love to protect the Meadow?

***This story is intended for adult readers.***

It includes explicit sexual encounters, violence,

mature language and themes.

Reader discretion is advised.​


Dawn in the Shadows

Shifters of Morwood #3


She’s a free spirit. He’s a committed Protector. When an act of compassion earns an offer she can’t refuse, can she play along without losing her heart?


            My name is Dawn. 

            I’m the friendly smile and cheery voice that greets you at the start of your workday. I like people, so it’s a good gig for now. 

I’ve been everywhere on this little planet, but I don’t claim any place as home. Soon, I’ll be headed to the stars with nothing but a backpack and limitless potential. Just a few more credits, then I’ll leave this rock behind. 

After witnessing a disturbing crime, I react with my heart instead of my brain. It’s a stupid move that lands me in the middle of a far bigger fight… and directly into the sights of the one man I can’t resist.

Tarek needs my help, and spending time with him is an enticing offer. But how much am I willing to risk when everything I’ve wanted is so close? 


            I’m a Protector. I’ve always been a Protector. Owning that title should make it feel different, but it turns out it’s still the same old shit. I’m tired of fighting a new battle around every turn; putting down the evil just to watch something uglier emerge.  

            I’m at the end of my patience when a pretty little angel with fire in her eyes crashes into my world. She might be the key to ending this nonsense, if I can convince her to take the risk.

            Playing along might catch the bad guys, but when it’s clear they want her for more than her skills, I’m not so sure it’s worth it. I need to stick to the plan. There’s more important things at risk than my own interests. But if he touches her again, I’ll burn it to the ground. 



            Can Dawn and Tarek play their roles, or will the sparks between them destroy their only chance of exposing a far greater threat? 

***This story is intended for adult readers.***

It includes explicit sexual encounters, violence,

mature language and themes.

Reader discretion is advised.​