There are so many useful websites for writers and authors, it would be impossible for me to include all the relevant options. The sites I'm listing here are ones I personally enjoy or have gotten the most use out of.  


This list is in no particular order, so dig through and see if you find something you can use! Discovered a handy resource you never knew you needed? Send me a message and let me know! Have a website you refer to often for help? Let me know and I may include it here!



Support for self-publishing, with many options for every step of the process.

One Stop for Writers

A vast collection of resources and tools for writers.

Beta Books

Need beta readers to ensure readers love your story as much as you do? This site is a great way to connect and build your own beta team.

Fantasy Name Generators

A huge database of many different name generators. No matter what you're trying to name, you will find some serious inspiration on this page.

Book Sprout

A service for authors looking for ARC readers, or for readers who want to find ARC's to review.

Zen Business

This site is mainly about general business solutions, but they have a great page for writers who want to turn their work into a business. Thanks to Sophie and Judy from the Kellytown Writing Group for suggesting this resource!

Revision Division

A wide range of editorial services. Check them out for your next project!

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