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There are so many useful websites for writers and authors, it would be impossible for me to include all the relevant options. The sites I'm listing here are ones I personally enjoy or have gotten the most use out of.  


This list is in no particular order, so dig through and see if you find something you can use! Discovered a handy resource you never knew you needed? Send me a message and let me know! Have a website you refer to often for help? Let me know and I may include it here!



Support for self-publishing, with many options for every step of the process.

One Stop for Writers

A vast collection of resources and tools for writers.

Beta Books

Need beta readers to ensure readers love your story as much as you do? This site is a great way to connect and build your own beta team.

Fantasy Name Generators

A huge database of many different name generators. No matter what you're trying to name, you will find some serious inspiration on this page.

Book Sprout

A service for authors looking for ARC readers, or for readers who want to find ARC's to review.

Zen Business

This site is mainly about general business solutions, but they have a great page for writers who want to turn their work into a business.


Thanks to Sophie and Judy from the Kellytown Writing Group for suggesting this resource!

Revision Division

A wide range of editorial services. Check them out for your next project!

Writing for Theater or Film?

Writing for the screen takes a slightly different skillset than novel writing.  A comprehensive article on the Theater Seat Store website digs into the basics and beyond to give you a solid grasp of what it takes! 

Thanks to Anna for finding this great link! When times are tough, sinking into a good book or film is a wonderful reprieve. Keep dreaming and go write!


Everything an author needs, all in one place! Manage your review copies, reader magnets, universal book links, newsletter swaps, promos and so much more!