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Wings of Fate

Wings #1


Lara has always dreamed of a world where humans and dragons can live together in peace. As tension between their species grows, she must find the dragon that can help her stop the coming war. What she's not prepared for is the look in his eyes, or the conflict that rises within her heart.


Kaidan is a black dragon, destined to be a great leader... or so he's been told. All he wants is to be left alone. No attachments, no responsibilities, nothing to hold him back from the freedom he craves. Until he meets Lara, who's fiery determination and fearlessness spark a curiosity he can't ignore...


Together they are destined to stop a war, but can they put the fate of their people before their own futures?

Wings of Change

Wings #2


Anna is a blue dragon; a warrior. Not a babysitter. All she wants is to finish one last job, so she can finally spread her wings and be free to have some fun. Her final task, retrieving the only heir to the human throne, turns out to be a lot more complicated than she expected. The Regency wants him dead. Dragons want to use him as bait. Anna will gladly risk her life in battle to fulfill her duty, but losing her heart in the process is a risk she wasn’t prepared for.

Ethan lives a life of leisure in a city known for its wealth and thriving nightlife. His family name, and the responsibility that comes with it, is a burden he strives to keep hidden. When Anna shows up at his door, with her dragon eyes and fierce spirit, he is instantly intrigued. Falling for her means accepting a future he never wanted and becoming the man he never wanted to be. But can he really put his own freedom before the lives of those he cares about?

When the fragile peace between dragons and humans threatens to come to an end, it will take selflessness and sacrifice to make it right again. Anna and Ethan must learn to put the lives of countless innocents before their own; and in the process, discover that freedom is more exciting when shared.

Wings of Change

Wings of Peace

Wings #3


Eira is curious about a world and species she has never known. When she takes her human form for the first time, it comes with a host of sensations and emotions she hadn’t anticipated. The strange and fascinating human she befriends is the very thing she should fear most, yet his gentle protectiveness makes her feel anything but scared. She wants to know him; to keep him. His dark history makes her own deadly secret seem less terrible. 

Logan is the King’s most ruthless dragon Hunter, performing his duty without hesitation or remorse. Meeting a curious, white dragon turns his world upside down as he struggles with the guilt of who he has become. When the King is murdered, he has a chance at a new life… if he can control the beast within himself.

When the safety of human territory is threatened, they must overcome their fears and learn to trust. With the help of friends old and new, they must show the world that it is possible to live in peace.

Wings of Peace

Wings of Fate

The Trilogy


The complete Wings trilogy!

Follow Lara & Kaidan, Anna & Ethan, and Eira & Logan as they fight to create peace between humans and dragons - and maybe find a little love along the way ;)

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