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Conversion Rate Calculator

As an indie author, marketing is an important part of the gig. Love it or hate it, if we want readers to find our books, we have to work to put our books where those readers can find them. 

Lucky for me, I happen to have a partner who enjoys building me helpful tools.

If you have a use for this Conversion Rate Calculator, feel free to play with it as much as you like! And please let me know if you find any part that doesn't work as expected by emailing me at

Note: This tool works best on Chrome, and does not work on Safari.

First, enter your total clicks for all ads to one book:

*** To ensure your result is accurate, be sure to use numbers from consistent date ranges (i.e. the last 30 days for each metric).

Then, enter your total sales (including full reads if you're in KU) for the same book over the same time period:

And here's your book's Conversion Rate:

Now enter your total Royalties and your total Ad Spend over the same time period to view your Profit:

Curious why an author would want to calculate conversion rate?

To find out, I'd love to have you join me and my friends at Author Ad School in the next free challenge:

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